Actress Jennie Garth and Renowned Cardiologist Dr. P.K. Shah Spearhead ESCADA’s “Loving is Giving” Shopping Days to Benefit The Heart Foundation

Actress Jennie Garth

In support of February Heart Health Month, ESCADA, one of the world’s leading luxury womenswear brands, is partnering with The Heart Foundation nationally by presenting “Loving is Giving,” two days of shopping for a cause. Shop at any ESCADA U.S. boutique on Friday, February 13th and Valentine’s Day Saturday, February 14th, and a percentage of sales will be donated to The Heart Foundation to support their mission of awareness, early detection, prevention and treatment of heart disease.
Actress Jennie Garth, best-known for her starring role as Kelly Taylor for 10 seasons on “Beverly Hills 90210” and more recently on the HGTV series, “The Jennie Garth Project” has teamed with world-renowned cardiologist Dr. P.K. Shah, Director of the Atherosclerosis Prevention and Treatment Center and the Oppenheimer Atherosclerosis Research Center, in spearheading the “Loving is Giving” project. A former ambassador for the American Heart Association, Garth revealed her first-hand experience dealing with her late father’s heart disease and subsequently, the discovery that she, too, had a condition known as ‘leaky heart valve.’

Dr. Prediman K. Shah

A patient of Dr. Shah’s, she has joined him in becoming a passionate advocate for healthy living and annual check-ups. Through ESCADA’s “Loving Is Giving” program, the two are seizing the opportunity to focus attention and build awareness about heart disease through education, advocacy and making smart lifestyle choices.

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