The Steven S. Cohen Humanitarian Award has been established to honor individuals who effect change within their communities and demonstrate a commitment to the betterment of humankind.


Mike Meldman is the founder of Discovery Land Company, LLC, a privately-held, full service real estate development company specializing in luxury residential private club communities and resorts in the U.S. and other popular North American locations. Discovery Land Company came out of an enduring love of family and nature and out of a deep personal desire to create intimate communities where families can forge lasting bonds, create intergenerational memories, and enrich their lives in exquisite and untouched sanctuaries. That dream has evolved into one of the most renowned and successful private resort community development companies in the world.

Inspired decades ago first by the development of the world renowned Estancia Club in his home town of Scottsdale/Phoenix and refined during his time in Montana with his two older sons, Mike set out to create luxurious service driven destinations that were casual, and casual destinations that were luxurious.

“I was drawn to largely untouched and peaceful places where I could connect with my boys – places where I could introduce them to the outdoors and introduce the outdoors to all of us. I wanted to create fun and intimate destinations where they wanted to spend time with me and in turn someday do the same with their kids. The things they learned at a young age – from skiing to hiking to surfing – they grew to love as adults.”

That commitment drives him to select North America’s most pristine properties – sanctuaries of extraordinary natural beauty – that are enhanced with Discovery’s meticulous attention to detail, warm and friendly service and luxurious standards of moderation. For Mike, it has always been about perpetually raising the bar in the search for perfection.

A graduate of Stanford University, Mike’s passion for enhancing properties and creating places where families could come together began when he was a real estate broker in Northern California in 1982. After years of trial and error, he established Discovery Land Company in 1994. Over the past 20 years, he has cultivated a reputation for trust and integrity by building places he himself lives in – places where he is personally immersed in the community. To date, Mike has developed 18 exclusive, award-winning private resort communities across North America, with more to come.

“I’m lucky. I found something I love to do, and to do it with the people I love. Every decision we make is driven by one fundamental objective: to make the time you spend with the people you care about most not merely enjoyable but memorable. Whether you’re comfortable in ties or t-shirts, what you find at Discovery you won’t find anywhere else. These are places your kids will not only grow up in, but grow to love. That’s what Discovery is all about.”

Mike is also a passionate philanthropist and created the Discovery Land Company Foundation to enrich the communities that surround Discovery Land Company developments by providing support to programs that serve children and families. DLCF primarily assists children in shelters and in foster care by donating to trusted charities providing the best programs and mentors to guide youth. By engaging the attention of caring Discovery members and friends, the Foundation greatly broadens the scope of possibilities for disadvantaged children to lead productive lives.

Through Mike’s leadership and charitable investments, DLCF continues to help improve the lives of children around the world, most recently having made significant contributions to Amigos de los Niños (Cabos San Lucas, Mexico), Children’s Village (Coeur d’Alene, Idaho) and SafeHouse of the Desert (Thousand Palms, California).

Mike has clearly demonstrated a deep and enduring commitment to the betterment of humankind, and The Heart Foundation is so honored to have presented him with the Steven S. Cohen Humanitarian Award.