The Steven S. Cohen Humanitarian Award has been established to honor individuals who effect change within their communities and demonstrate a commitment to the betterment of humankind.


Dana Carvey is not only a comedic legend, but he is also a longtime supporter of The Heart Foundation. He was born in Missoula, Montana, and is renowned for his impeccable impressions and comedic versatility. From his early days in sketch comedy to his iconic characters on Saturday Night Live, Carvey has left an indelible mark on the world of comedy.

Raised in California, Carvey discovered his passion for comedy at a young age, honing his skills through stand-up routines and performances at local venues. His big break came in the mid-1980s when he joined the cast of Saturday Night Live. Carvey’s tenure on the show, from 1986 to 1993, showcased his comedic genius and introduced audiences to memorable characters like the Church Lady, Garth Algar, and Hans of Hans and Franz fame.

Carvey’s talent for impersonations, ranging from politicians to celebrities, earned him widespread acclaim and solidified his status as one of SNL’s most beloved cast members. His spot-on portrayals of figures like George H.W. Bush and Ross Perot became legendary, garnering him critical praise and numerous awards, including an Emmy for Outstanding Individual Performance in a Variety or Music Program. He has since treated audiences with playfully accurate impressions of Presidents Trump and Biden.

Beyond SNL, Carvey’s career flourished in both film and television. He starred in hit comedies such as Wayne’s World alongside Mike Myers, solidifying his place in pop culture history. He also ventured into television with his own self-titled show, The Dana Carvey Show, which, although short-lived, showcased his comedic range and ability to push boundaries. He currently co-hosts the Fly on the Wall podcast with fellow Saturday Night Live alum David Spade.

Dana has been very public about his health obstacles as he was diagnosed with a genetic condition that caused his body to produce too much cholesterol. He spoke about his diagnosis on the podcast Smartless with Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett: “Yeah I had Familial Hypercholesterolemia and didn’t know it. My (total) cholesterol was 400, my LDL was 300.” Dana’s health obstacles became even more public when his doctor very famously operated on the wrong artery during his double bypass surgery in 1998. After that error, Dana decided to become a patient of world-renowned cardiologist, and fellow Steven S. Cohen Humanitarian Award recipient, Dr. P.K. Shah.

For over 20 years, Dana has supported The Heart Foundation’s mission to spread awareness of heart disease and fund the research of Dr. Shah and his team by performing at multiple fundraising galas, having live conversations with us on social media, and by continuously talking about his personal experience with a sprinkle of humor, breaking the stigma surrounding heart disease.

Throughout his career, Dana Carvey has remained a beloved figure in the comedy world, admired for his talent, versatility, and infectious humor. Whether he’s captivating audiences with his spot-on impressions or delivering side-splitting stand-up routines, Carvey’s comedic legacy continues to inspire laughter and joy. Dana’s receipt of the Steven S. Cohen Humanitarian Award highlights his enduring commitment to making a positive impact, both on and off the stage.