WilWin Clothing Company Chooses The Heart Foundation as Recipient of a Percentage of Profits

WilWin is a custom design clothing and apparel company focused on increasing awareness of high risk diseases through wearable art that appeals to both young and old. WilWin was founded in 2008 in San Diego, California, by Jared WILliams and Garrett WINiecki (the source for the name WilWin). Co-Founder and Chief of Design Garrett Winiecki grew up with a heart condition which necessitated two major heart surgeries before he was 16 years of age. At 19 he had his first pacemaker installed and is now working on his third. During his “downtime,” Garrett concentrated on his passion and has become one of the west’s rising stars in contemporary art.

The goal of WilWin is to deliver memorable images that will drive others to look more closely at their own health and in the process make WilWin not only the most recognized clothing logo in the world but also a mantra for everyone with a health problem and those organizations working to aid those in need.

The Heart Foundation is honored to have been chosen by WilWin as the recipient of a portion of all profits. Furthermore, when you work with WilWin to create your own product, you may designate The Heart Foundation as the recipient of a portion of the proceeds from its sale. Visit WilWin’s website today to learn more!

With everyone working together, we WILL WIN.

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