The Heart Foundation supports a large and diverse research program devoted to unraveling the causes of heart disease at a genetic and molecular level, improving methods of early detection, and developing and testing new preventive and therapeutic strategies.

Published Articles

Selected Published Articles

Following is a sample of some of the hundreds of articles published by P.K. Shah, M.D. on his revolutionary heart disease research.  Much of this work was made possible, in part, by funding from The Heart Foundation:

Current Atherosclerosis Reports (Vol. 9, 2007)
Immunization for Atherosclerosis

Circulation Research (Vol. 100, 2007)
Innate Immune Pathway Links Obesity to Insulin Resistance

Current Pharmaceutical Design (Vol. 13, No. 00, 2007)
Apolipoprotein A-I/HDL Infustion Therapy for Plaque Stabilization-Regression: A Novel Therapeutic Approach

European Heart Journal (11/22/06)
Inhibition of CETP as a novel therapeutic strategy for reducing the risk of atherosclerotic disease

Journal of the American College of Cardiology (Vol. 48, No. 7, 2006)
Bone Marrow Transplantation Shows Superior Atheroprotective Effects of Gene Therapy With Apolipoprotein A-I Milano Compared With Wild-Type Apolipoprotein A-I in Hyperlipidemic Mice

Nature Clinical Practice: Cardiovascular Medicine (Vol. 2, No. 12, December 2005) 
Immunomodulation of atherosclerosis with a vaccine

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications (338, 2005)
Immunization using an Apo B-100 related epitope reduces atherosclerosis and plaque inflammation in hypercholesterolemic apo E (-/-) mice

Circulation (2004)
Recombinant Human Antibodies Against Aldehyde-Modified Apolipoprotein B-100 Peptide Sequences Inhibit Atheroslcerosis

Journal of the American College of Cardiology (Vol. 44, No. 6, 2004)
Rapid Reversal of Endothelial Dysfunction in Hypercholesterolemic Apolipoprotein E-Null Mice by Recombinant Apolipoprotein A-I Milano-Phospholipid Complex

Circulation (2003)
Intramural Delivery of Recombinant Apolipoprotein A-I Milano/Phospholipid Complex (ETC-216) Inhibits In-Stent Stenosis in Porcine Coronary Arteries

Circulation (2001)
High-Dose Recombinant Apolipoprotein A-I Milano Mobilizes Tissue Cholesterol and Rapidly Reduces Plaque Lipid and Macrophage Content in Apolipoprotein E-Deficient Mice: Potentional Implications for Acure Plaque Stabilization