Amy was born with a congenital heart defect that wasn't discovered until she was 12. Join us as we talk about growing up being "different", breaking free of the rules we create for ourselves, and what it's like to be "higher risk" during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Johnny's life seemed to be perfect. He had a career he loved, a marriage he loved, and a new home. But out of the blue, in 2019, Johnny was hit with irritability and exhaustion.

He felt like his entire world was falling apart and he didn't know why. He even got out of breath walking up stairs. Finally, he had enough.

He knew he had a family history of heart disease, so while he was at work, he looked for "best cardiologist in LA" on Yelp. Cedars-Sinai came up on his screen. Conveniently, a Cedars-Sinai cardiologist's office was located within walking distance of Johnny's office. So he walked there.

He was given a number of tests, and failed them all. Johnny found out he needed a triple bypass. No chest pain, no arm pain, no tightness, NONE of the symptoms that are traditionally attributed to a heart attack.

The most insane part? The major clog that was impacting his health was in his LAD artery. The clogging of this artery is what leads to "widow-maker" heart attacks. Johnny saved his own life by being in tune with his body, aware of his family history, and unafraid of finding an answer.

His story is so inspirational and motivating. And his smile is contagious!


Meet Alyssa! A heart disease warrior who has been battling since she was 7. Alyssa is doing 100 Hikes for Heart Disease to raise awareness and help fund research. Join her on her journey!