Make a Pledge

Would you like to make a donation to The Heart Foundation, but you prefer to pay it off in installments over time?  Make a pledge!

You determine the frequency (annually, quarterly or monthly) and dollar amount of your payments.  There is no minimum gift required to establish a pledge.

Become a pledge partner!  Call (818) 865-1100 for assistance.

We prefer that you fulfill your pledge commitment within five years, however, if you have a more long-term pledge in mind, please contact us.

Pledge partners who commit $25,000 or more are eligible to have their name added to The Heart Foundation’s Donor Recognition Wall at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after 20% of the pledge has been paid.  See the Join the Donor Wall page for more information.

Pledges are very helpful to the foundation in our financial planning.  Thank you in advance for your long-term support and commitment to this cause.