Board of Directors

Mark Litman – Chairman
Mark Sapiro – Treasurer
Jerry Cohen – Secretary

Lisa Sapiro
Eva Cohen Weingarten
Brian S. Weinhart

Advisory Board

The Heart Foundation Advisory Board is a “think tank” comprised of individuals who are recognized leaders in their respective fields and who have demonstrated superior leadership and entrepreneurial skills.  They assist The Heart Foundation in developing and implementing innovative techniques to raise awareness and funds in the fight against heart disease.

Dan Aloni
Larry Butler
Marc Ezralow
Albert Nassi
Glenn Rotner
Brian S. Weinhart

Medical Advisory Board

The Medical Advisory Board is comprised of medical experts who employ their knowledge, expertise and resources to further heart disease research in a quest to eradicate this silent killer.

Prediman K. (P.K.) Shah, M.D.
John G. Harold, M.D.
Asher Kimchi, M.D.
C. Thomas Peter, M.D.
Mark Urman, M.D.


Catherine Erlinger – Executive Director
Laura Cohen – Operations & Donor Relations
Katy Gepner – Administrative Support

Founders Circle

The Heart Foundation is forever grateful to our founders whose commitment to our cause has made the foundation what it is today.

Howard Abrams
Kraig Baron
Bruce Beard, D.D.S.
Steve Belinfante
Chris Cagnon
Laura Cohen
Curtis Dahl
Merrick Davidson
Tom Eisenstadt
Hooman Emanuel
Howard Entin
Marty Fishman, Ph.D.
Cary Gepner*
Dana Kates
Suzi Kokenda
Derek Layne
Bob Levey
Carol Levey
Di Lyle
Rob Mandell
Jack Polevoi
David Purkey
Barry Rudin
Cynthia Sieder
Stan Steinberg, D.C.
Michael Turek, M.D.*
Alon Varsha
Steve Weber